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DIY Medicine Making Workshops

Wellspring Apothecary is excited to offer our new Medicine Making series! These classes are a great entry point for folks that have been curious to learn more about herbs and are excited to learn some of the basics of creating remedies to care for yourself and your family.

These in-person classes are offered on the third Thursday of every month, from July-October, and can be taken individually or as a series.  Classes will be a combination of lecture, discussions, and hands on learning,  In each class we'll dive into a different herbal preparation and you'll get to take home some of the medicine we make.

Classes are $35 individually, or $120 for the whole series. Classes will take place at: 38 Moore Street in Providence. Pre-registration is required.


Register Here

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July 18th, Infused Oils and Salves: learn about extracting the healing properties of various plants in oil for topical use, plants that lend themselves to this type of extraction, how to turn infused oils into salves, and types of ailments that particularly lend themselves to this form of support.

August 15th, Tinctures, and non-alcoholic extractions: we’ll cover when to use fresh or dried herbs, types of alcohol that can be used, ratios of herbs to liquid, and how to make an extraction using vegetable glycerin or vinegar instead of alcohol.

September 19th, Tea: learn about drying and storing herbs for use throughout the year, the difference between an herbal infusion and a decoction, tips for creating tea blends, and why tea is sometimes the preferred method of delivery for specific ailments.

October 17th, Infused Honeys and Oxymels: learn the best methods for extracting herbs in honey and vinegar, which herbs lend themselves best to this method of preservation, and fun ways to use these preparations in cocktails/mocktails and other recipes.

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