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Remedies & Consultations

Wellspring Apothecary is not a shop that is open to the public, but I do sell some products on a sliding scale.  Check back soon for online shopping options, but for now to make an order, email


I have many other herbs in my home apothecary, so if you're interested in a blend that you don't see here, please email me and we can schedule a follow up call to talk about the herbs you need.


For a more in depth conversation about your health and wellness goals please email to schedule a consultation.  Initial consultations are offered on a sliding scale from $50-100.


Below are some of my most popular blends: 1oz $8-10, 2oz $12-18


Alcohol Based Tinctures:

Sound Sleep: supports deep restful sleep and can help with nighttime wakefulness and insomnia

Calm and Resilient: a nerve tonic to help fortify you and bring you a calm sense of clarity during challenging times.

Stress Less: it doesn’t surprise me that this is my best selling blend.  This blend offers support at times when you feel stressed, overwhelmed, or anxious.


Elderberry, Ginger Elixir: a boost to the immune system.


Alcohol Free Offerings:

Mend Your Heart: a simple combo of beach rose (Rosa rugosa) and honey that can serve as an herbal hug when your heart is feeling heavy with grief and sadness. (Available as an alcohol free glycerite as well)


Tummy Tamer: this alcohol free blend, made with vegetable glycerin, can soothe an upset stomach, ease bloating, and calm an anxious stomach.


Fire Cider: this vinegar-based remedy is my version of the heralded immune and digestive booster. (4oz $12, 8oz $20)


Sore No More Salve: a topical balm for sore muscles and joints as well as relief from nerve pain.  (1oz $10)


*Orders placed outside of RI and South Eastern Ma will have shipping costs added.

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